Misses, generals and their work.
An eventful past has shaped the history of our company.

There is no detailed information regarding the origins of the oldest parts of the hotel. However, it was agricultural in nature, in the form of a simple peasant homestead.

Historically Parpan was the last village before the Lenzerheide which was inhabited all year long. The settlements beyond it were only occupied in the summer. The Alpina was just a farm or mountain hut. None the less, it is assumed that hemmers, wagoners and traders would look there for a place to stay, before or after crossing the pass.

It provided a place of rest for both humans and animals, or a protection from the wind and weather, coupled with a supposedly warming moonshine. In what year the Alpina was to be used as such is not mentioned in more detail.

A further development to the establishment was recorded in 1850, and the earliest recorded owner was Johann Georg Schmid, the President of Churwalden. He was also owner of various other properties in the region.

After the death of his wife in 1874, Johan Georg Schmid moved to Chur, and establishes the Veltliner wine store «Schmid and Conzetti.»

He leases the house to John Lendi, who continues the lodging’s business under the name «Pension Lendi.» At this time, the municipalities Churwalden and Parpan develop a considerable reputation for health resorts, but still only attract summer tourism.

Exclusively wealthy and socially prominent personalities used Parpan to acclimatize to altitude, before they continued onwards on their journey to the Engadine or even to Italy. Upon the death of Hans Schmid, the Parpaner property and goods are passed on by succession to his daughter Catherine, wife of Colonel of Cleric from Chur. Thus, also the former pension is now Cleric’s possession.

In 1919 the house will once again change ownership, now belonging to Johannes Clavadetscher. But he does not manage the place himself. As landlady he names Miss Spillmann, and the inn is then called “Pension Spillmann” for the next seven years.

With the purchase in 1926, Ulrich Schumacher-Ladner takes over the whole property, and adopts the current name «Alpina». Thus, the foundation was laid for his continuing family tradition. Structurally, the «Alpina» constantly developed. The changes are documented as follows:

1930 four-storey building with dining room and veranda.

1961 concrete «Tea Room» and renovation of two floors

1985 increase and alignment of the three-storey building on four floors

2001 total conversion by hollowing of the 1st and 2nd floor, extension of 20 new rooms

2011 conversion ground floor, new reception, enlarged restaurant «Alpina Stuba» and a new dining room «Älpliblick» in rustic mountain style

2014 remodeling kitchen, buffet, including new equipment with modern kitchen appliances

The remodeling activity of the «Alpina» stands for the owner’s passion for the hospitality industry and their belief in tourism. The development of the «Alpina» is far from complete, however it depends on the development of tourism and the needs of the guests.

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